Meg Matthews

Meg Matthews

Meg’s stories and poems are best described as ‘Dr Seuss meets Dr Phil‘.

All aimed at children in kidspeak, with a comfortable, fun rhythm, Meg’s stories are accompanied by her cute character illustrations. Meg also narrates her own stories in the audio accompanied e-books and motion comics.

“Today there are definite gaps little kids can fall into where they may find themselves needing to take control of difficult situations themselves,” says Meg.

This is where she aims her work… straight at the kids who most need the help, so they can help themselves. Fun, positive and engaging, Meg’s stories are just a little bit different…in a cool way!

Meg likes to refer to herself as the ‘accidental’ artist and illustrator!

With a long career as an award winning hairdresser, Meg has spent many years being just so busy surviving and raising her three gorgeous children, that any and all attempts to get her other true passions (writing and drawing), up and running have been almost too difficult to achieve!

But one just happened!

Dealing with topics peculiar to children, Meg’s stories aim to make positive changes without pressure or threat.

“I get so much pleasure from writing these stories and illustrating them, that I almost feel a bit guilty! How can I have two careers that are so much fun? The amount of satisfaction I get is outrageous, along with pure old-fashioned joy. I feel blessed to be given an opportunity to help kids help themselves through tough situations.”  Meg Matthews (Author/Illustrator)