Itchy Emmy

Written by Meg Matthews, ItchyEmmy is a poem about allergies and how to deal with them.

It is one of a series of poems and short stories by this author, designed to promote self-awareness and fostering self-help attitudes for children.

They are delivered in a “Dr Phil meets Dr Seuss” format for easy reading, rhythm, understanding and a non-threatening impact.

Other titles in the series coming soon…

  • Breathe Easy (asthma)
  • Your Body Is Your Own (child sexual abuse)
  • My Family Broke (divorce)
  • My Brother Paulie (autism)
  • Get New Habits (healthy lifestyle)
  • Do It For Yourself (childhood obesity)
  • Just Like You (physical disability)
  • Bullies (school bullying)
  • Learn What you Can (dyslexia)